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Angry at the human race and its methodical destruction of her resources, Mother Earth recruits souls who have just left their bodies to serve Her, and turns them against humanity. A powerful, rising force proceeds to carry out Mother Nature’s plan to systematically destroy towns, cities, states… and eventually, the world. Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between a human girl, Violette, and Onyx, a lead Gemini, begins. They will both find themselves in the middle of a revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy our world.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

OPINIONS NEEDED for Gemini Rising Series Book II cover!

Please leave me feedback on these two covers I created! Comments, suggestions, all honest opinions welcome!


  1. Interesting...
    I think the second one works better in terms of layout of the various elements.
    However, if you are going to design a cover in that style it might be preferable to divide your two elements evenly.
    As it is it looks like the lady isn't getting her fair share of the cover space, and the vertical divider emphasizes the effect.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping and commenting Sarit!